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Garage door opener problems

There are many disadvantages you may encounter if the garage door opener suddenly stops operating properly. If the opener is damaged, the garage door reverses immediately after hitting floor. The door also may not open completely. Worse yet, it may not close all the way. To prevent this from happening, contact our trained technicians for regular door maintenance.

Before buying a garage door opener

Garage door openers come with three different types of drive. These are the chain, belt and screw. Look for the best quality products to while choosing a door opener. Then check for the door size, safety features, lights and battery backup. Also look for the best keyless entry pad, wall and remote controls for your opener.

Weather-proof your garage door

When maintaining your garage door, you should weather proof it. This may be done by installing weather strips to the door. Weather strips are a flexible rubber material that functions like a seal between the frame and the door. If this is damaged and torn, replace it right away.

Provide inspection to the safety cables and the pulleys of extension springs

You have to watch out for all common signs of wear and tear such as dullness, deformation, fraying and small dents and cuts. If you notice any of these problems, you must have the components replaced without delay. This is crucial for the effective and safe operation of the garage door.

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