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Right here you will find a number of garage door answers to common questions

Can I choose any kind for my home?

Garage doors work differently from each other and there are certain types that work better for specific kinds of homes. Although technically you can choose any garage door you want, it’s better to choose the best and most compatible with your home and lifestyle.

What is an insulated garage door?

An insulated garage door is the type that minimizes the transfer of temperature from the environment outside the garage to the other side. According to our specialists, it has proven to be effective and to reduce power costs, especially during days with extreme weather. It is a good investment for areas with erratic climates.

What maintenance do garage doors need?

Garage doors are built to perform for a long time even with constant use. Maintenance must be performed on your door annually. If you think there is a problem, never try to attempt any repair on your own as it can be dangerous.

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